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Becky Feola is a multi-award winning author who was most recently honored with the Silver Award in the Aging Consciously category of the Nautilus Awards and The First Horizons Award for superior work by a debut author through The Eric Hoffer Awards.

Growing up on remote cattle ranches in Arizona and Wyoming, award winning author Becky Feola remembers walking across the fields and feeling the presence of those that came before her. By an early age she understood there was a world beyond what most people know, experiencing personal visits from the spirits bound to the surrounding area. While some might attribute these chance meetings to her imaginative nature, she came to know and accept that she possessed a heightened awareness of the paranormal.

Born to be a writer, Becky always loved creating characters and narratives with a special affinity for ghost stories. As an adult her desire to write was put on hold, as a result of lifeís twists and turns. By the age of 45, Becky was widowed after supporting her husband through his 11-year battle with Huntingtonís Disease. During his final days, she once again felt the presence of spirits and she knew he was passing between worlds. The experience reignited her desire to be a writer, as she began the next chapter of her own life.

Her first novel, Winterís Child, set in 1928 in Jerome, Arizona tells the tale of the murder of Josephine Wheaton and her unborn child. After spending extensive time in Jerome, including stays at the famous Grand Hotel, the story of Winterís Child came to Becky in a vision. Following one of her visits, Becky awoke with the concept for the book.

Describing her writing process, Becky envisions entire stories as movies in her head, and then proceeds to put pen to page to bring the characters to life. Inspired by the places her characters hale from, Becky plans to travel where these spirits lead her. Next on the schedule is New Orleans, where she is beckoned to the Maison Dupuy.

When sheís not traveling, Becky writes from her historic home built in 1895 in Phoenix. From there she is inspired by the benevolent spirits that reveal themselves from time to time.


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