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Desert Rose Martinis, Recipes for Classic Favorites

"You had me at martini…"


A good martini is elegant, sophisticated and divine, but also offers an abundance of delicious choices for whatever your taste buds prefer.

With 66 recipes, even those who swear they don't like this iconic cocktail will find a version to change their mind. No need to read through pages of history and details that you may or may not care about, Desert Rose Martinis takes you straight to the recipe with gorgeous photos  for each concoction. Surprisingly you may find yourself trying flavors you never imagined, simply because of the pictures.


Not only do the recipes offer choices based off of the traditional gin or vodka, but also tequila, whiskey, and more. Sample drinks include the always popular Espresso and Dirty martinis, to the more exotic such as the Japanese Slipper made with melon liqueur or the Sidecar featuring cognac. Don't let the ingredients scare you away, they are simple and easy to create.


Desert Rose Martinis is a stunning book filled with tempting recipes. You will want to add it to your collection. Bonus point—the photos are so beautiful; it would make a great coffee table and conversation piece as well.


So, grab your cocktail shaker and start mixing…I promise, you'll be glad you did.